Guru Nanak introduced the world to the concept of equality for all. Absolute Pluralism. In an era of men totally in charge of the world, championed the empowerment and equality of women. 

The Eugene Gurdwara and Sikh Dharma of Oregon has become a champion of absolute equality and women’s empowerment. All are equal and participate equally at all levels of involvement. 

Women and men are equally involved in the day to day running of the community. Many assuming leadership roles in the running of the Gurdwara and Gurdwara services. Men and women equally lead and fulfill the singing of Gurbani Kirtan. They equally attend and read from the Guru. Men and women serve Prasad and perform Ardas equally. Men and women both create and the serve the Langar.

Men in the Eugene Gurdwara community are deliberately aware and fully supportive of the teachings of Guru Nanak and the equality of women. Many families attend Eugene Gurdwara for the reason of total equality. 

Equality applies to anyone. Guru Nanak and all the Sikh Gurus taught and practiced equality. All faiths, practices and perceived castes are welcomed as equals. All over the world, people are welcomed as equals in the Langar (Free Kitchen). 150,000 people a day are equally served Langar at the Golden Temple in Amritsar India. 

Equality and Women’s Empowerment will become the center stage worldwide in the years to come. It is the ultimate lesson. Recognizing that all are equal in all ways. And the way that the world will finally find peace.