Sikh Dharma has been serving Eugene since 1970. Well known and well loved in Oregon including as a major employer. 


The Expansion project remains on-track as of February, 2021. The plans are nearly completed and ready for permits. Look for those plans on this website by the end of March, 2021. The Building Design has changed on the outside due to Solar (Sunshine) consideration for the Apartment Building next door. The interior design has stayed the same with some nice refinements. The new design is very much in keeping with the concept of the “Country Gurdwara” so dearly loved for over 50 years. In spite of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Gurdara Suspensions, a level of excitement continues for this expansion project.


For the last couple years the Eugene Gurdwara updated the entire existing building with all new windows, lighting, heat pump, art, all new paint, roof repair, new sidewalks, a low wall with outdoor seating, and signage. And, significantly, total update of the legal status of the building. With photos and video. READ ON. . .


It’s time for the Eugene Gurdwara to expand to much better serve the community. More space is needed for a kitchen and Langar Hall. Restrooms. Storage! A Nivas for guests and visiting Ragis. And a bigger space for the Siri Guru Ganth Sahib. Donations to help build this much needed addition are kindly invited. READ ON. . .